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Greetings from Monark University,

SSIP 2.0 at Monark University was launched on 13th October, 2022.

The Government of Gujarat has developed a policy for providing assistance to Start-ups/ Innovation. Under this scheme, any individual / group of individuals having innovative idea / concept will be eligible and/or Universities/Education Institutions, Incubation Centre/PSUs/ R&D Institutions/ Private and other establishments will be eligible as an institution to support and mentor to innovators as approved by Committee.

Student Start-ups:
Who can apply:
Any student start-up from any academic institute from Gujarat can apply for this as per the definition of SSIP policy.

Student Start-ups:
Student Start-up is any student-led innovation based start-up that has been founded by the efforts of one or more student(s) and / or alumni (not more than 5 years from graduation), from any university / educational institute in the state, with or without the help of faculty guides and external support agents.

All innovators studying in all educational institutions as well as school/college dropouts upto the age of 35 of the state are covered Under Student Startup Innovation Policy (SSIP 2.0).

Key Objectives:

The Student Start-up & Innovation Policy (SSIP) of Government of Gujarat aims to create an integrated, state-wide, university-based innovation ecosystem to support innovations and ideas of young students and provide a conducive environment for the optimum harnessing of their creative pursuit.

Developing student-centric Innovation and Pre-incubation Ecosystem for Students.
Creating an environment for creativity to flourish and an end-to-end support system in educational institutions to allow ample support to ideas for better execution.
Build internal capacity of educational institutions and key components of the innovation ecosystem to enable deployed processes to make a sustainable impact at scale.
Create pathways for the mind to market by harnessing and handholding projects / research / innovation / ideas of students in Gujarat.
Creating and facilitating sectoral and regional innovation efforts in the state around educational institutions.
Create a common platform to showcase, support and upscale innovations for motivating stakeholders as well as for an opportunity to create value for money and value for many.
Leverage public system initiatives at the state and central level, academia, industries and by other ecosystem stakeholders/domain experts and institutions to make an inclusive effort.

Apply for Startup Support / Innovator Registration Form Link:


SSIP Scheme Details:

Eligibility for Support:-
Applicable to only Students
Have an innovative idea and possibility of commercialization
Submission of Project Details on SSIP Portal (

Prototyping Support:-
Projects that are at PoC level or beyond can be provided maximum financial support @ average Rupees 2.00 Lakh.
Only those projects that are not getting support elsewhere should be selected.
The University level Start-up Committee will approve the project for the support.

Patent Support:-
Average Rs. 25,000/- per national patent filing including government fees. For requirements of more than Rs. 25,000/-, recommendation to be made before the State Level SSIP Committee.
The application will be approved by the IPR Scrutiny Committee and further approval to be taken from the University Level Start-up Committee for final approval.
Innovator and Mentor has to follow the Monark University IPR Policy.

Attached please find the digital copy of the booklet (English and Gujarati Version) covering all the details of SSIP 2.0.