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Smile Please Event Organizing Club

[ Monark University ]

Aim of Smile Please Event Organization Club is to organize and manage various cultural and other  events/functions at Monark University and to provide the environment to the students in which each student can present the extra skills apart from their academic skill. 

  • The Smile Please Event Organizing Club plans and oversees the smooth execution of all the different programs, functions and events during the academic year.
  • Each event is different in its nature so process of planning & execution of each event differs from one to another.
  • This club involves conceptualize themes of the event, identifying its target audience and works with all aspects followed by mock drills before actually launching the event.

The process of planning and coordinating the event also included budgeting, arrangement, site selection, acquiring the necessary permits, coordinating transportation and parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging décor, event security, catering, coordinating with third party vendors and emergency plans.

  • To provide a platform to the students, to showcase their talent in music, dance other fine arts, etc.
  • To encourage managerial capabilities such as event management and stage organization among students
  • Mr. Aghera Nevil Rameshbhai – President (Faculty of Engineering & Technology)
  • Ms. Parekh Honey Dineshkumar – President (Faculty of Engineering & Technology)
  • Mr. Sojitra Kartik Sanjaybhai – Vice-President (Faculty of Science)
  • Ms. Patel Sneha – Vice-President (Faculty of Commerce)

Green Club

[ Faculty of Arts & Commerce ]

Green clubs in colleges will empower students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. It is a forum through which students can reach out to influence, engage their parents and neighbourhood communities to promote sound environmental behaviour.

To improve the environmental quality of our lives by educating, encouraging and providing resources for people to practice environmentally conscious habits.

  • To Aware the people towards better environment
  • To promote the level of the Health & Sanitation in rural and urban areas.
  • To bring the Awareness on Climate Change.
  • To educate students to create awareness amongst public and sanitary workers, so as to stop the indiscriminate burning of waste which causes respiratory diseases.

Motivate the students to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees. Promote ethos of conservation of water by optimizing the use of water.

A green club is a means by which students and youth can organize themselves to learn more and this issue, and also take action to improve their immediate environment. The Green Club is an organization dedicated to sustainability at the College, in the community and throughout the world. We are devoted to exploring, learning, sharing and questioning issues related to sustainability and the green revolution.
It plays a vital role in keeping living things healthy in the environment. Likewise, it maintains the ecological balance that will keep check of life on earth. It provides food, shelter, air, and fulfills all the human needs whether big or small.
As a club member, they will have multiple opportunities to be actively engaged in environmental activities. The club host two events each semester geared toward environmental protection, and each year around Earth Day.

Language Club

[ Faculty of Arts ]

This Centre is conceived as the training regimen of our Institute to impart various skills to its students like Communicative English through Group Discussion, Presentation, Extempore, Mock Interview etc.

  • To make students aware of importance of various languages.
  • To create different language speaking environment in college campus.
  • To provide platform to students for the development of Communication Skills.
  • To enhance students’ knowledge for various languages.
  • To help them to gain stage courage through different activities.

To be a centre for learning that nurtures the students with a deeper understanding of various languages with their specialization subject so it can also help them for further research of study in depth.

Language is absolutely central to your learning: without it, you cannot make sense or communicate your understanding of a subject. You will need to develop your language skills.
It is apt to note that our institution shares the concern for which ‘LANGUAGE CLUB’ is striving hard for the up-skilling of the youth. It is also pertinent to note that we have implicit faith in the idea of training the youth for life and soft skills.





Own topic presentation

Removal of stage fear, hesitancy


Essay writing

Thinking, Speaking, writing


Group discussion

Listening, Thinking, Speaking



Listening, Thinking, Speaking


Technical topic presentation

Thinking, Speaking


PPT Presentation

Thinking, Speaking


Role play

Thinking, Speaking


Mock interview

Listening, Thinking, Speaking


Society of Personality Development

[ Faculty of Commerce ]

Main aim is to develop personality of students. This will help club members to gain personal and professional skills in the area of leadership development. To become better leaders in their families or personal lives as they develop skills to better manage their own lives.

  • To develop self-confidence and effectively perform in professional and personal environment.
  • Polishing manners to behave appropriately in social and professional circles.
  • Developing and maintaining a positive attitude and being assertive.
  • To evaluate our strength and weaknesses to be able to work on them for a better future.
  • To be able to handle difficult situations with grace, style and professionalism.
  • Helping to overcome one’s flaw together.

A vision is to describe your values, your strengths, and your goals. It can be focused on life or professional goals, and it is intended to orient you toward your long-term dreams.

The motto of Personality Development Club is to develop character with competence. The club emphasizes on invoking hidden soft skills which are very vital to stay and deal in the current scenario of cut-throat competition. Thus, the club conducts various workshops and training sessions by various experts from the professional world so as to develop leadership skills, communication skills, presentation skills, and public-speaking skills.
Students can use clubs not only for socializing, but also they will notice a positive change in their attitude, and will feel more confident.
While being in their friend circle, students are in comfort zone. When they enter into a club, they meet people with different mindsets, values, and cultures, and thus they get a chance to learn about new things. All such things make them to learn new things and help in overall personality development.

Sci-Gen Club

[ Faculty of Science ]

“The Next-Generation Science: to the society, for the society”

To create & improve new scientific concepts for enhancing the quality of our lives.

  • We include engagement with society in its broadest sense, from science centers and festivals, through information provision by consultation, active dialogue and other media, to enabling citizen empowerment and decisionmaking. We include the use of science by society and the provision of scientific advice to policy makers for the benefit of society. We include the range of science skills opportunities, through the education system and beyond, and the importance of diversity in enabling a workforce truly representative of the society which it serves.
  • Science is the greatest collective endeavor. It contributes to ensuring a longer and healthier life, monitors our health, provides medicine to cure our diseases, alleviates aches and pains, helps us to provide water for our basic needs – including our food, provides energy and makes life more fun, including sports, music, entertainment and the latest communication technology. Last but not least, it nourishes our spirit.
  • Science must respond to societal needs and global challenges. Public understanding and engagement with science, and citizen participation
    including through the popularization of science are essential to equip citizens to make informed personal and professional choices.
  • Major Mission of this Sci-Gen Club is to understand the science behind major global challenges such as climate change, ocean health, biodiversity loss and freshwater security.
  • Vision of this club is to develop a society that is excited about science and values its importance to our social and economic wellbeing.
  • We depend on science, technology and innovation to support our daily lives. The potential rewards that society can reap from science and technology have never been more important. The ‘endless frontier’ of research opens up new opportunities and ways of addressing societal challenges. Science is a tremendously important part of our cultural heritage and a vital part of our shared future.

Avinya– A Club For Enthusiast Minds

[ Faculty of Management ]

Avinya club will help students to turn their ideas and passions into businesses and will help to develop future business  leaders. The Entrepreneurship Club is a club which cultivates and equips businessman and Women for the future. It’s Goal is to benefit and develop aspiring entrepreneurs as it will act as a platform for applying and exercising academic learnt skills.

  • To provide a way for young entrepreneurs to meet virtually, share ideas and learn from others about what it takes to initiate their own business.
  • The Club aims to provide guidance to aspiring young students to pursue their business ownership dream at under graduate and Post Graduate Level.
  • The Club aims to help students to cultivate a startup business idea, teach them basic strategies like estimating costs and writing a business plan, and help them network their ideas toward sources of funding.

To Nurture the development of Quality Entrepreneurs who will be capable of competing in Local and Global Business Market.

Spiritual Club & Health Club

[ Faculty of Nursing ]

Our institution has established health club and spiritual club in the month of May-2022 for the benefit of students, faculties and staff members of our college based on the scope and guidelines given by our C.E.O Shree Monark Goswami sir of Monark University. The club’s vision is to develop sensitivity among students and faculties in general regarding health, yoga, awareness and maintainance of the healthy life style. The spiritual club’s vision is to achieve holistic lifestyle and stability in the mind of the students with help of spirituality and prayer. It is to support and advance the exploration and expression of spiritually religion life, faith, traditions, values and deeper spiritual dimension of life.



Kuchara Ankita (President)

3rd Year B.Sc. (N)

Vankar Vimal (Vice President)

2nd Year B.Sc. (N)

Khristi Ronal (Vice President)

2nd Year B.Sc. (N)

Javnika Parikh (Yoga Instructor)

3rd Year G.N.M.

Vrutti Patel (Yoga Instructor)

1st Year B.Sc. (N)


  • To accord high priority to physical and mental fitness.
  • To practice yoga posteres while learning about how yoga canbe used to manage stress, improve the mind-body connection and increase strength and flexibility.
  • To create awareness about the efficacy of yoga in healthy lifestyle.
  • To achieve the aim of “YOG BHAGAVE ROG”.



Uadhyay Jahnvi (President)

3rd Year B.Sc. (N)

Bhunotar Megha (Vice President)

1st Year G.N.M.

Anal Patel

1st Year G.N.M.


  • It promote close family and friendship bonds.
  • It help students to cope with physical or emotional pain and other life stressors.
  • It nurtures values and ethics among students, faculty members and other staff.

Hands on Help: Physiotherapy Club

[ Faculty of Physiotherapy ]

This club will aim at providing services incorporating Incoordination, Balance, Strength, Speed, Agility, Endurance, Stamina & Flexibility there by developing, maintaining & restoring people’s optimal functional ability

We support people at all stages of life. To recover from injury, reduce pain and increase mobility and movement with maximising function and quality of life by focusing on overall physical, psychological, emotional, social well being.

























Multi-Activity Club

[ Faculty of Computer Application]

Multi Activity club is to give an opportunity to students to perform their inner talent and participate in number of activities, to build their self-confidence also.

  • Student can understand their responsibilities for their role in activities, also become dedication regarding their goals.
  • Provide a competitive environment so they will be prepare for future challenges.
  • Stimulate student’s thinking, self-reflection, and self-understanding to promote their
    individual growth.
  • Development of communication skills, personality development, and team work also.
  • This club is organized by the faculty of computer applications of Monark University. In this club students can do so many activities such as acting, dancing, anchoring, writing and many others cultural and curricular activities.
  • The club will also conduct various workshops and training sessions by our students as well as various experts from field to develop leadership skills,   communication skills, presentation skills, and public-speaking skills.

Discipline Club

[ Monark University ]

Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievement which brings the moral, ethical values of well being. It provides platform to learners and also strives hard to bring in the core human values in the process of learning.


This club is formed to restrict certain behaviors or attitudes that seems harmful or against university policies, educational norms and college traditions

To establish a holistic approach to discipline by fostering the value of self-administration.
To nurture an environment that is in accordance with the mission of our university by maintaining decorum, dignity and harmony within the campus.

  • Creating safe and motivating environment in our university and to bring professionalism among students by inculcating best practices.
  • To inculcate discipline among students by creating a safe, secure and encouraging environment in our university.

The committee mainly focuses:

  • To solve student related problems and create a healthy environment in college.
  • To make the student aware about the discipline rules and enforces to follow.
  • To take disciplinary action against any of the misconduct.
  • To ensure calm as well as peaceful academic atmosphere in the campus.
  • To avoid physical confrontation among students.
  • To ensure that all the student must wear ‘ID Cards’ while they are in the campus.
  • To enforce total prohibition of cell phone usage by the students while the class work is going on.
  • To monitor the movement of students in the university and prevent students loitering around in the corridors during the study hours.
  • To prevent the students for early departure without prior permission from the competent authorities.
  • To prohibit smoking strictly in the university campus.
  • To maintain proper discipline in the canteen and boy’s/girl’s rooms.
  • For prevention of raging, discipline committee will assist the ‘Anti-Raging Squad’ at various stages.


Kushwaha Aakash Arjunsingh (21020206010010)

Contact: 9664610527

Vice President:

Patel Vishwas Nileshbhai ( 21100900010079)

Contact: 9327542255