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Hair Dressing & Beauty’  is the destination,  booming throughout  Gujarat  as all people who want to look good not only to boost their confidence but to present themselves well amongst their peers. The faculty provides a unique career that transcends virtually all cultural barriers. Having hairdressing and beauty skills with knowledge is a universally recognized career pathway across the majority of the world. Besides the opportunity to work in a number of hairdressing career paths throughout the world candidate also have the opportunity to travel and work overseas in the same capacity.

This profession is hardly affected by recession or economic downfalls. To make this possible, hair and beauty experts are required. The Faculty of Hair Dressing & Beauty provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from very successful, highly qualified and experienced professionals. The faculty provides training program for aspiring and existing hairdressers and beauticians. It will enable the aspirant to advance the skills in an ever-growing profession.

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